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Scary Game - Cat Scratch

Scary Game – Cat Scratch

Now that Game of Thrones is over and we still have a few months until The Walking Dead starts up again, i have a fun new game for you and your friends to try out. By fun i mean ridiculous and weird.

But bear with me, this game sometimes has spooky and scary consequences. So if you are brave enough, and don’t burst into a fit of laughter, give it a go.


The game needs at least two…

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The Mysterious death of Elisa Lam.

The Mysterious death of Elisa Lam.

In February of 2013, after residents of Cecil Hotel complained to managers about low water pressure, the body of Elisa Lam was found inside the rooftop water tanks. Elisa was a 21 year old Canadian tourist who traveled to LA on January the 26th, she was last seen 5 days later on the 31st of January.

Officials ruled out any foul play as autopsy reports concluded she died from drowning and there…

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Don’t blame Slender Man.

Don’t blame Slender Man.

Like most people who have heard about the recent stabbing in Wisconsin, i am shocked. How can two 12 year old girls justify stabbing someone by saying they were trying to prove that the urban myth Slender Man is real?

Now, the Slender Man post on my blog has been one of my most popular stories, so there is obviously a lot of interest in the myth, but that is exactly what the story is – a myth. I…

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Live Haunted Cams

Most people obsessed with horror and the paranormal, have a dream of being able to investigate haunted locations for a living. Unfortunately, we aren’t all as dashingly good looking as Zac, Nick and Aaron, so will never be offered our own show on the Travel Channel.

Now you can ghost hunt from the comfort of your lazee boy chair by checking out Live Ghost Web Cams . Here you can watch haunted…

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Paranormal ambition.

I would genuinely love to have a career in the paranormal field. I am currently at the University of Gloucestershire studying journalism but a huge passion of mine is definitely all things weird and wonderful.

I started this blog because i wanted to put my degree to good use and write articles and share interesting content but i am still wondering how i can mix the two interests, journalism and…

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Island of the Dolls.

Island of the Dolls.

dollisland3 dollisland2dollisland

Dolls can be creepy for a number of reasons, the lifeless eyes, the knowing smile, or the outstretched limbs that seem to be calling out to you. But nothing is creepier than the Island of the Dolls in Isla de las Munecas – 17 miles south of Mexico City, Mexico.

A little girl died in the canals nearby, so to honour her memory, people started to leave dolls for the spirit of the girl. Over time…

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Bizarre, weird, incredible story……

Bizarre, weird, incredible story……




Just read this story and it is fascinating. You have to read.


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Sharon Tate Murder.*Warning - Graphic Images*

Sharon Tate Murder.*Warning – Graphic Images*

sharonface sharon

Sharon Tate (born January 24th 1943) was an American Actress during the 60s and was well know for her beauty and was often considered a sex symbol. She was hailed as a promising newcomer in Hollywood. She met her husband Roman Polanski while working on The Fearless Vampire Killers, and married him aged 25 in 1968. A few months later, she was pregnant with their first child, or so she should…

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